The blues have done it again, folks. Chasing the score with what felt like questionable stance from the team, it was with big-hitters like Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni who brought back hope into India's game. Kohli, as always, was composed under the pressure, and it was the way he handled the game with Raina and Yuvraj which made victory possible for India. With three consecutive win, India moves straight into the final of the Asia Cup.

India vs Sri Lanka Live: India wins by 5 wickets, walks directly into the finals

FOUR again! India has won by 5 wickets, they walk straight into the finals of Asia Cup. 

FOUR! Kohli reaches half-century. And with that, India victory is now assured. 

SIX from India's captain. Dhoni hits a beautiful six. 

* End of 18th Over: India 125/5. Pandya bowled out by Herath. 

That's a wicket! Hardik Pandya has been ousted after 2 runs. Herath has toppled a crucial wicket for India. 

* End of 17th Over: 122/4. 

OUT! OUT! Yuvraj Singh has been ousted by Perera. Sri Lanka is cornering the batsmen from all sides now. Field is being tightened up. He's out for 35. 

* Seems like Kohli has heard us. A four for Perera's ball. 

* End of 16th Over: India 112/3. India inching slowly towards victory. Yuvraj Singh is stacking the score for India, but India needs some more boundaries before the 18th over.